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At Splyse, we take our clients' vision and create a roadmap for realization.

We get it, you've got big ideas. Your dreams are bold and intricate. You can see the final outcome, and it is divine. Just one tiny problem: How do you navigate from idea to reality?

You don't fully understand the intricate technology needed to drive your idea to the final destination. The options are endless and overwhelming: blockchain, hardware, Arduino, Python, smart economies, smart contracts and more.

These elements would power your idea, but you don't have the specific expertise to properly apply the concepts to production. Don't stress, this is what we do. We empower your idea with our technological expertise and provide you with a roadmap for realizing the possibilities.

Tech Consultation

You dream it, we build it.

Neo Smart Contracts

Consult with us on the cutting edge of blockchain technology: Smart Contracts and the Neo platform.


We provide premium web consultation in both backend and frontend development.


We're veteran prototypers in hardware design on a variety of platforms.


Our expert software developers specialize in software solutions of all forms.


We offer source code audits for smart contracts and decentralised applications.


Our team offers interactive and responsive support for our projects and services.

Are You Ready?

Do you have further questions? Are you ready to kickstart your project?


Active and completed projects.

Master Contract Token

A NEP-5-compatible token implementation with some additional features.


A feature-filled blockchain-based game on the Neo blockchain/platform.


A secure Chrome extension cryptocurrency wallet for the Neo Smart Economy.

Neo Non-Fungible Token Template

A draft of the NFT standard proposal for the Neo Smart Economy.

3rd prize winner of the first Neo Dev Competition.

Neo Smart IoT

Enables control of IoT (Internet of Things) devices via Neo smart contracts.

1st prize winner of the first City of Zion dApp Contest on the Neo platform.

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